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Resumes: Why? What? How?


Writing a Resume

  • Include:  skills, abilities, work history, volunteer experience, educational level, interests, strengths
  • Leave Out:  personal information which could screen you out, negative information which serves no purpose
  • A document that changes over time, grows with you
  • No "right" way to set up a resume - should reflect who you are and what you can offer to a company - must be clean, neatly organized, and honestly reflect your experience and skills
  • Different Types:  Chronological - traditional;  lists experiences in date order, Functional - emphasizes skills, downplays lack of experience or gaps, Combination:  best of both
  • Not much work experience?  Choose functional
  • Watch what you're implying - consistency of font, style, paper choice
  • Should someone else prepare your resume?  Only you know the things you've done.  Someone else's style will not reflect your own personal style.  If you do it yourself, at interview time, you'll have all of the details clearly in your head
  • Remember: spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • References - separate document

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