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Helpful Job Tips

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  • One way you can make sure that you will have a good interview is to be prepared.
  • Try to be knowledgeable about the company and find out how it is structured.
  • Try to find out what products and services the company offers its customers and where the main office is located.
  • Try to know what kinds of jobs are available.
  • Read up on the job being offered, and the tasks and responsibilities involved.


Employers like people who:

  • Are confident and poised during the interview.
  • Express themselves clearly.
  • Are able to sell their qualifications in a realistic and clear way.
  • Appear relaxed.

You can overcome your nervousness by going to the interview well prepared. The employer is obviously interested in you since you were invited to the interview. Now it is up to you to show the employer that you are the most qualified person to fill the job.


Employers are used to interviews. Sooner or later, they acquire a sixth sense that tells them more about you, then all the words put down on paper or answers you give; it is a matter of attitude. The important thing for you to do is to keep calm. First impressions are often decisive in determining the employers attitude towards you.

Usually, employers are interested in the following:

  • Your career plans.
  • Your ability to communicate.
  • Evidence that you are prepared for the interview.
  • Your degree of maturity and your desire to take on responsibility.
  • Your ability to solve problems.
  • Your ability to think creatively.

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