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Mailing Address:
146 Howey St.
Box 223
Red Lake, ON
Canada, P0V 2M0
Tel: (807) 727-2297
Fax: (807) 727-1176

Spruce Street
Ear Falls 2000
Ear Falls, ON
Tel: (807) 222-1087
Fax: (807) 222-1094
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About Us



Red Lake Career & Employment Services is located in the heart of downtown Red Lake and at Ear Falls 2000. 

We help Ontarians of all ages find and maintain employment, access training or return to school.  We also assist employers meet their hiring needs.
Funded by the Ontario Government and sponsored locally by the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital, we are proud to deliver Employment Ontario Employment Services in our communities.

These include:
Resource & Information
Job Search
Job Matching, Placement & Incentives
Job Training/Retention

We also provide access to Employment Ontario programs and services, including training benefits such as Second Career and the Self Employment Benefit and Apprenticeship.

Call to make an appointment or drop by to begin to access our free services!

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